Apple’s September 12 special event underscored how wellness care is increasingly dominating the conversation about health. As discussed at the event, the latest edition of the Apple Watch will incorporate improved functionality to help users manage their health. For instance, the Apple Watch will do a better job monitoring the health of your heart. The watch will monitor both resting and recovery heart rate (which reports how quickly your heart rate drops after a workout). In addition, the Apple Watch will alert you when it detects unusually high heart rates at unexpected times.

Apple also indicated that the Apple Watch will become a more powerful personal training device. With the new GymKit software, Apple Watch owners will be able to sync personal fitness data between their Apple Watches and smart cardio machines. Consequently, Apple Watch owners will benefit from more accurate fitness information such as calories expended during a workout.

My take: these announcements demonstrate how powerful Apple has become as a player in healthcare. Apple has developed relationships with medical providers, researchers, government agencies, and other members of the healthcare ecosystem to help people and businesses use data for better wellness care. It’s also instructive that Apple is focusing on wellness care, which has become a multibillion dollar industry as people seek ways to avoid costly medical treatment for procedures that could be avoided with better personal care.

It’s important for healthcare systems to take a closer look at how you are incorporating wellness care programs into your approach to patient onboarding and retention. For example:

  • How well are you promoting your wellness programs through paid media, social media, and organic content on your own site?
  • Have you employed mobile to offer wellness tips to patients who opt in to receive such content?

The Apple event has likely triggered searches for wellness related topics especially as the Apple Watch has become the top heart-rate monitoring device in the world according to Apple. Now is the time to dial up your wellness offerings in your location marketing. Contact SIM Partners. We can help you.