At the 2017 Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition in Chicago, Under Armour CEO George Hanson articulated a bold vision for the sports apparel brand: to be the hub for fitness and nutrition.

As reported in Internet Health Management, Under Armour operates like a Facebook for fitness in that the company has the largest health and nutrition community in the world. The company will use customers’ personal data to help that community become healthier.

Under Armour’s aspirations include:

  • Rolling out products that track personal data. For instance in 2016, Under Armour rolled out UA Health Box, a suite of wearable devices that includes a wrist monitor that tracks data such as daily physical activity, heart rate, and weight. And Under Armour launched running shoes with smart chips to monitor your physical activity.
  • Reporting and comparing data through apps that allow you to compare your fitness to others via a virtual community of Under Armour customers.

This exciting development reflects Under Armour’s commitment to mHealth, which I had blogged about in March. mHealth comprises products and technology specializing in health and wellness. As I discussed on the SIM Partners Velocity Health blog, multiple factors have contributed to the explosion of mHealth, but the most notable one is a trend among consumers to shift from reactive care to proactive, or preventative care, coupled with an increase in patient engagement. Patients are encouraged to be actively involved in managing their health and making proper decisions.

The shift in healthcare management has created an opportunity for Under Armour to reinvent itself beyond sports apparel. Personal data and sports fitness products anchor that transition. In a sense, location data is fueling a new direction for Under Armour – and that location data resides wherever the consumer is.

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