It doesn’t matter how much advertising and PR that orthopedic practices pour into your businesses: if you don’t invest in your provider profile pages, you might as well turn away your patients. Patients do business with doctors, not abstract entities. Your provider pages need to invite potential patients to become your patients. Here are three ways to make your provider pages flourish:

Get Your Location Data Right

Location data — such as your name, address, and phone number — is the foundation of your provider page. You need to treat location data like a precious asset. It has to be correct. And it has to be distributed throughout the digital world where patients seek care. I recommend that orthopedic practices regularly audit the health of your location data by reviewing essential information for accuracy and reach.

Managing your data health is not a set-it-and-forget it action. Providers come and go. They change their hours and locations. Many operate in multiple locations. So keep your location information up to date and share it with the publishers and aggregators of data, ranging from Google to Neustar, which share location data throughout the digital world.

Humanize Your Brand With Content

Deep content makes your more approachable by humanizing your brand. For instance, it’s not uncommon for providers to post videos of themselves describing their personal missions and other background such as why they chose their profession. Other forms of image-based content that humanizes a provider ranges from professional, warm looking images of providers themselves.

Of course, you’ll also want to share information such as your areas of specialty, insurance accepted (especially insurance accepted), and patient/ratings reviews. The more complete your content is, the more approachable you become.

Encourage Patient Access

Finding your practice online is really table stakes. Once patients find you, it’s important you make it easier for them to do business with you. For instance, your location page should include online scheduling and click-to-call tools so that patients can book a visit once they decide they want to see you. Also, make it easy for patients to get to your practice by embedding online mapping tools on your page.

The best way to get started rocking your provider page is to put yourself in the shoes of your patients. Go online and do some searches of your own. What kind of experience do you have when you visit your provider pages? Your competitors’ provider pages? Consider this step to be the equivalent of an audit. Then have a frank discussion with your team about next steps for rocking your provider pages.

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