Join us on Tuesday, October 24 at 3:30 PM as we discuss turning your hospital website into an effective digital front door. Moira Green, the Web Project Manager at Bellin Health, will be co-presenting to share her experience with managing a hospital website and how it has improved the patient experience. Click here to view the session.

Panel description: Too often, hospital websites are confusing and frustrating to navigate, resulting in lost opportunities to acquire patients. From this presentation, learn how to turn a hospital website into an effective digital front door for discovering care by optimizing location data and content and building a useful find-a-doctor directory at the center of the experience.

Specifically this panel will address:

  • Establishing one source of truth for your provider and location data
  • Driving search visibility and patient acquisition through provider directories, physician profiles and the local search ecosystem (Google, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing, Facebook and Online Health Directories)
  • Thinking mobile first, so you are ready for Google’s Mobile First Index
  • Embracing open architecture platforms to help improve the patient experience online (scheduling, transparency etc…)
  • Creating a Digital Marketing Dashboard to track your success

We are looking forward to the Healthcare Internet Conference in Austin, TX. In addition to this session, you can find SIM Partners in the exhibit hall booth #3. Our experts will be available to answer your questions. We have a cocktail hour event Monday evening: click here to RSVP.

See you in Austin!

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