A patient’s first interaction with you is often through your website. However many healthcare websites fail when it comes to making their valuable content shareable; social share buttons are absent or hidden on most pages creating an obstacle for those patients wanting to save and/or send that info to their personal network. Make this process easier for them by making all your content shareable.

By making your content shareable you are cutting through the static of the internet, where two million new blog posts are being published daily by content creators. Healthcare systems spend a tremendous amount of effort developing new content areas of their website to promote a new wing, practice, speciality or charity event but offer little or no ability to share that content. Utilize those share buttons to make it easy for patients who are consuming your content to share it with their social circles. This not only improves their experience but also increases the visibility of the content you’ve worked so hard to create.

For more insight on how you can make your content shareable, please read my entire column, Improve patient experience by making your website content shareable, on Becker’s Hospital Review. If you want to know we can help you with this for your website, please contact us.

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