As I talk with orthopedic practices all over the United States, it is very clear that many are missing a sizable opportunity to acquire more profitable patients by following some fundamental best practices for being found online. I’ve been blogging about a few of them recently, such as a recent post that discusses how optimizing content and maintaining accurate data can make orthopedic practices easier to find in all the places where patients seek care.

Being findable is one of five ways that orthopedic practices can set themselves up for success through digital. Another is strengthening their social brands. Social media platforms ranging from Facebook to Instagram provide strong opportunities for orthopedic practices to build visibility and to humanize their brands. Forward thinking healthcare practitioners are already using social apps like Snapchat to give an inside look at their professions. And Facebook provides a level of engagement unmatched by most platforms. Facebook pages such as this one act as convenient home bases for orthopedic practices to:

  • Share visual content such as photos and video to introduce their practices.
  • Provide news updates such as the addition of new providers.
  • Comment on industry news.
  • Monitor and respond to patient comments and questions.

On April 12, at 11:00 a.m. CST, I am going to discuss five ways that orthopedic practices can attract profitable patients by building their digital brands. The webinar, “Five Steps to Get Your Digital Practice in Order,” will cover the fundamentals that every orthopedic practice needs to know, such as managing location data effectively. Register here to attend.

After attending this webinar, you will be better equipped to attract and retain your best patients through digital.  Please register and join me for a thought-provoking conversation about winning with digital. And if you are at AAOE 2017 in Indianapolis, visit SIM Partners at booth 821 or contact us now to schedule a meeting to learn more about how SIM Partners’ Velocity Health can help you acquire more profitable patients.