I am excited to announce the publication of The Healthcare Guide to Omnichannel Discovery, a new ebook from SIM Partners that will help healthcare systems be more responsive to omnichannel patients.

As we point out in the ebook, by the time a patient selects a doctor, it is likely that they have used their smart phones, tablets, and desktops to visit physician directories on healthcare systems’ websites, third-party rating/review sites, and social media. Many healthcare systems are struggling to keep up with the way patients are navigating this omnichannel world of devices and channels to find facilities and physicians — which is where our new ebook comes into play.

The Healthcare Guide to Omnichannel Discovery gives healthcare systems advice on how to get started meeting the needs of omnichannel patients. Our main contention is that succeeding in an omnichannel world requires healthcare systems to harness location data and contextual content to guide patients across the entire patient journey, from awareness to care.

I will provide a glimpse of some of the findings in our ebook on Thursday, December 15, at 11:00 a.m. CST through a webinar, “Winning in Patient Engagement,” which features Forrester Analyst Kate McCarthy. I encourage you to register for the webinar and download a copy of The Healthcare Guide to Omnichannel Discovery here.

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