Healthcare systems are getting more digitally savvy, but they still have work to do, according to a new report from Internet Health Management.

The newly published Health Management Digital Hospital 500 report is the first-ever ranking of the most digitally advanced U.S. hospitals. The report assesses hospitals’ digital maturity for 31 patient-facing features/functions, such as:

  • Find-a-doctor tools
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Patient records management

The report also assesses how well each hospital uses social media ranging from whether a hospital has a blog to whether the hospital is present on major social platforms such as Facebook.

All 500 hospitals offer patients some form of digital connectivity such as find-a-doctor tools. But a large number of the hospitals surveyed lack adequate digital connectivity, leaving plenty of room for improvement. As the report states,

Consumers have demonstrated they are ready to access health services online, just as they’ve moved their banking, shopping and travel purchases to the web. But hospitals are only beginning to transform how they manage and deliver care: Many hospitals are laying the foundation for digital transformation, but the building boom lies ahead.

The report also contains an article (sponsored by SIM Partners) in which Internet Health Management discusses how healthcare systems can improve patient access by making the online search experience more effective. Doing so means providing accurate and complete content so that search results lead to care. As the article states,

The potential loss of a new patient due to inaccurate physician data online is why healthcare providers should view digital marketing content as a competitive asset. The effective management of content – such as data, patient ratings/reviews, and scheduling tools – improves patient access and retention.

Being a digitally savvy healthcare system begins with improving patient access through better location marketing. To improve your patient access and retention, contact us. Meanwhile the report is available for purchase here.