Mastering the Search Mindset and the Social Mindset can improve your patient acquisition.

As I recently shared on Becker’s Hospital Review, healthcare systems and medical groups need to be smarter when using online channels to drive patient acquisition. The more time I spend talking with healthcare marketers and physicians, the more questions I get about the best ways to approach and apply paid search and social media to their efforts.

It’s across the board too. One large IDN may want to promote the provider network while a medical group is cultivating a new wellness program; they need to align search and social to achieve their marketing goals. My conversations always come back to one fundamental truth: to maximize the value of either channel, you first need to understand the search and social mindsets of patients.

Understanding the different mindsets will help you align the two channels more effectively to manage patient acquisition. Read my entire column here to get a better understanding of how to do this. Contact us if you have questions or would like help to leverage these channels for your achieve your marketing goals.