If you need a reminder of how digital health is shaping mainstream business and society, check out Mary Meeker’s recently published Internet Trends 2017 report.

Meeker’s Internet Trends report is one of those must-reads on the agenda of every business. For years, her report has captured the leading trends shaping the way we live, work, and play, both online and offline. When she speaks, the U.S. business community and technology influencers listen. In her 2017 report, she discusses how healthcare is at a digital inflection point, where health services are moving from an era of largely analog, machine assisted care to digital care:

Digital Infection Point

She also identifies the industry as a source of constant innovation, thus underscoring the notion that innovation often emerges from industries in turmoil:

digitization of healthcare

When she discusses how healthcare is reaching a digital inflection point, she cites factors such as the uptake of wearables and popularity of apps to the application of data to improve care, as these excerpts from her report show:


pie chart

... increasing digitization of Inputs

Healthcare Practices

We have been following these trends for quite some time. But why is Mary Meeker calling out the digitization of healthcare now? The answer: healthcare is reflecting larger shifts in consumer behavior. Nine out of 10 Americans owns a smartphone, and eight out of 10 shop online. People are more comfortable managing all aspects of their lives via digital, and it could be argued that we’ve all become somewhat spoiled by digital, as we expect a seamless, efficient, and rapid experience online. That expectation, born largely in retail, transfers to healthcare, especially with millennials.

Consumers =

We are at an inflection point. But that inflection point goes well beyond our adoption of digital. We’re accelerating rapidly into an on-demand world in which we can expect service providers, including healthcare providers, to use digital to meet our needs on our own terms, as we have discussed on our blog. The future of healthcare is about healthcare systems managing data and content to extend the patient experience in an on-demand world. Contact us. We’ll help you get there.