Recently Mashable reported that Google intends to improve public health in India by streamlining and digitizing the data collection necessary for treating patients. According to Mashable, “[Google] plans to develop apps that will reduce the time taken in data collection by making it tech-enabled as opposed to tedious paperwork. It will also create a standardized platform under which all health data across programs can be tracked, maintained and easily shared.

Our take: what’s happening in India is happening all over the world. The major publishers of data, most notably Apple and Google, are creating data platforms to improve healthcare. Google has been positioning itself as a go-to healthcare resource for quite some time. For example, in 2015, Google strengthened its ability to provide answers to symptom-based research for mobile users. Google understands how to collect data from its users and apply it commercially. I’m not surprised that Google is reportedly getting into clinical care by providing a platform.

Meanwhile, Apple has been helping the healthcare industry make a transition to wellness care and digitization of clinical care. The company has been working with hospitals ranging from Duke University Medical Center to Johns Hopkins to develop apps based on Apple software and devices that help physicians and patients manage conditions such as eplipelsy. And on the payer side, Aetna recently announced it is purchasing Apple Watches to help employees and customers manage their fitness.

Apple and Google are both forging a healthcare future based on better management of data. Watch them closely to understand how to apply these platforms to help patients manage their health. Contact us to discuss how we can help you manage data as a precious asset.