Foursquare continues to flex its location marketing muscle.

I recently wrote in Adweek that Foursquare has been evolving from a social media app into a location marketing powerhouse by monetizing user check-in data. For example, Foursquare has launched new products such as Place Insights, which provides advertisers data on foot-traffic trends — data that can help a business figure out where to open a new location or adjust the level of its location-based advertising. Now Foursquare has made another major move rooted in user data, this time with Snap Inc.

As announced, Foursquare is providing tips and location intelligence for new Snapchat Context Cards. With Context Cards, Snapchatters can unearth more information about the Snaps they see, such as maps and local business information. By swiping on a Snap that says “more” at the bottom, users can unlock information including tips, recommendations, and other information about a location relevant to a Snap. As Foursquare Vice President of Business Development Mike Harkey wrote:

Imagine, for example, you’re watching a Snap taken at a cool new restaurant on Snap Map. You can just swipe up to access the Context Cards where you might find tips, hours of operation, photographs and more created by Foursquare’s community of explorers and taste makers. With a database of over 105 million places worldwide, Foursquare can provide a lot of context to Snapchat users about the places their friends and the wider Snapchat community are visiting.

This development is good for Foursquare, Snap, and businesses:

  • Foursquare solidifies its role as an important location data amplifier, or a go-to publisher of businesses’ location data. Data amplifiers such as Foursquare and Google ensure that brands are findable wherever local searches are done.
  • Snapchat becomes more relevant to businesses, which the platform must do to monetize its operations more effectively. In my Adweek column, I discussed how a closer relationship with Foursquare is important to help Snapchat reinvent itself as an essential resource for brands to invest their marketing dollars.
  • Businesses with brick-and-mortar locations benefit by being able to share more information about themselves with the millennial heaven that is Snapchat. Nearly 160 million people use Snapchat every day, and users open the app 18 times a day on average. Businesses now have a stronger channel to make themselves more discoverable to those users.

Here’s my advice to businesses that operate brick-and-mortar locations:

  • Supply up-to-date location data to Foursquare. Make sure Foursquare knows everything it needs to know about you to help people find you, such as your name, address, phone number, URL, hours, and address. If you want to be findable when someone swipes on a Context Card, you need to play ball with Foursquare.
  • Encourage your customers to use Foursquare or Swarm (whichever they prefer) to upload photos, and tips about their experiences at your location. Doing so will ensure that their content appears on your own Context Card. After all, people oftentimes perceive user-generated content as being more authentic than your own.

Bottom line: if you have not done so already, treat Foursquare as a location marketing force to be reckoned with. Contact SIM Partners to learn how.