Neil Mahoney is chief operating officer of SIM Partners. He is responsible for the day-to-day operational efficiency of the company, with his duties ranging from finance to sales. Neil applies an extensive background from a career in corporate finance and paid media.

Neil obtained a degree in finance from the University of Louisville. He lives in Libertyville, Illinois, with his wife and four children.

Neil Mahoney graduated college with a Finance major and held three Finance positions within Cardinal Health, a Fortune 20 Company as part of a financial development program. After two and a half years and various roles at Cardinal Neil made the decision to enter a more competitive and challenging industry which led him to the Online Travel company, Orbitz Worldwide in 2004.

Neil joined the Finance team at Orbitz Worldwide where he managed forecasts for the eMarketing departments of both and, and also assisted with the acquisition of the company and a public offering.

While Neil saw the value of having a well rounded financial background, he was very excited to take what he had learned and join a group in which he could impact business performance on a daily basis. Orbitz and Cheaptickets combined have one of the largest annual eMarketing budgets in the online travel space, and it was imperative that these marketing dollars were being spent wisely. As Neil was already familiar with the financial side of eMarketing it was a natural progression for him to join the team and bring a financial mindset to the group.

During his time at Orbitz Worldwide, Neil managed the Paid Search programs on a daily basis for all products offered by both sites including; Air, Hotel, Car, Vacation Packages, Cruises as well as Attractions and Services. Management of these marketing dollars was extremely ROI focused. The majority of Orbitz Worldwide’s marketing dollars were spent online and Neil drove improved spending efficiency by 25% year over year while maintaining transaction volumes. Neil also tested and implemented two third party tracking and bid management tools while at Orbitz. This would enable Orbitz and Cheaptickets to automate what was an extremely manual management process of over 1,000,000 keywords at the time.

“I enjoy the intense competitive nature of online marketing, especially Travel and Hospitality. One of my favorite aspects of the industry is the accountability of all dollars spent online. A company can easily qualify and quantify all marketing spend online versus traditional ‘offline’ mediums which generally have no means of doing so. This can allow you to continue to grow your company’s online presence or to perform more efficiently at current levels.”

While at Orbitz Neil had the opportunity to work with a SIM Partner, Adam Dorfman. The two shared a strong passion for the online marketing industry and soccer and hit it off immediately. In December of 2007 Adam Dorfman and the other SIM Partners extended an offer to Neil to become the Manager of eCommerce.