Mike Hill is the Director of Enterprise Sales at SIM Partners. He focuses on developing new client relationships and opportunities with the rest of the sales team. Mike joined SIM Partners in January of 2017.

Mike Hill drives significant and new profitable revenue to both SIM Partners and our clients by choosing resources based on what will have the greatest impact on the client. He runs acquisition meetings with potential clients and has a vast knowledge of the healthcare world and the Velocity platform. Mike brings 15+ years of experience in the Sales field and strives to be effective and efficient in the fast-moving world of local search and digital marketing.

Mike is also integral in the process of updating Velocity and the rest of our tools by keeping the rest of our teams up to date about our clients’ and prospects’ points of view. He also updates our blog frequently! Make sure you check out his blog posts.

Mike works out of our “Texas office” and visits the Chicago HQ every quarter.

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