Francois Toubol joined SIM Partners in 2010 to build out the software development team and currently serves as Vice President of Technology. He brings 20 years of engineering experience as a trilingual entrepreneur, tech team lead, and software engineer.

Francois began programming on 1985’s Atari ST and graduated from Parisian University ISEP as a Master of computer science and systems engineering in 1999.

Francois fell in love with programming at a young age on 1985’s Atari ST, and further developed a keen thirst for science and self-improvement. He graduated from ISEP Master of Science program in 1999. In 2001, he founded and operated Epsilon Force Technology as CTO, an offshore Agile software development shop. Highlights from that time include growing the staff to 12 engineers while building vanguard technology platforms in the travel and finance verticals, providing PCI compliant capabilities for MasterCard, Citibank, Delta Airlines, Air France, Air Canada and Amadeus.

Francois Toubol joined SIM Partners in 2010 to startup and scale the software development team, and to support technology innovation and strategy. He currently serves as Senior Vice President of Technology, leading Engineering, QA, Operations and Information Security. He brings over 20 years of experience as an Entrepreneur, Tech Team Lead and Software Engineer.

“The purpose that drives my work is to listen, help and contribute, to the growth of those whom I work with. This captures the essence of what I envision as leadership and in turn, allows me to learn and progress on my own journey. I am here to serve and enable our team. As long as they are empowered to thrive and give their very best, the rest follows: happy and engaged customers, healthy and growing companies.”